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Final Year IEEE Embedded Project Titles – 2015


1 A Remotely Powered Implantable Biomedical System With Location Detector
2 A Smart Phone-Based Pocket Fall Accident Detection, Positioning, and Rescue System
3 Aerial Obstacle Detection With 3-D Mobile Devices
4 Ambulatory Measurement of Three-Dimensional Foot Displacement During Treadmill Walking Using Wearable Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor Network
5 An Implantable RFID Sensor Tag toward Continuous Glucose Monitoring
6 Coexistence of ZigBee-based WBAN and WiFi for Health Tele monitoring Systems
7 Complexity Index From a Personalized Wearable Monitoring System for Assessing Remission in Mental Health
8 Development of a Wireless Oral-Feeding Monitoring System for Preterm Infants
9 Embedded DSP-Based Telehealth Radar System for Remote In-Door Fall Detection
10 Fall Detection in Homes of Older Adults Using the Microsoft Kinect
11 Genetic Algorithm-Based Classifiers Fusion for Multi sensor Activity Recognition of Elderly People
12 Home Tele monitoring of Vital Signs—Technical Challenges and Future Directions
13 Imitation of Dynamic Walking With BSN for Humanoid Robot
14 Implementation of a Wireless ECG Acquisition SoC for IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) Applications
15 Improving Compliance in Remote Healthcare Systems Through Smartphone Battery Optimization
16 Inertial Sensor-Based Stride Parameter Calculation From Gait Sequences in Geriatric Patients
17 Low-Power Wireless ECG Acquisition and Classification System for Body Sensor Networks
18 A Hardware Platform for Evaluating Low-Energy Multiprocessor Embedded Systems Based on COTS Devices
19 A Portable Fall Detection and Alerting System Based on k-NN Algorithm and Remote Medicines
20 Analysis of Capacitive Impedance Matching Networks for Simultaneous Wireless Power Transfer to Multiple Devices
21 Calculation of Temperature Field in Power Capacitor
22 Comparison of Charge Estimation Methods in Partial Discharge Cable Measurements
23 Control-Oriented Concentrated Solar Power Plant Model
24 Design and Operation of Secure Cyber-Physical Systems
25 Embedded Capacitive Pressure Sensing for Electrically Assisted Micro rolling
26 Energy Harvesting Wireless Communications With Energy Cooperation Between Transmitter and Receiver
27 Facilitating Application of Electrical Safety Best Practices to “Other” Workers
28 GNSS Carrier Phase Anomaly Detection and Validation for Precise Land Vehicle Positioning
29 Improving ZigBee Device Network Authentication Using Ensemble Decision Tree Classifiers With Radio Frequency Distinct Native Attribute Fingerprinting
30 Integration of Antenna Array With Multi crystalline Silicon Solar Cell
31 Investigating Wireless Charging and Mobility of Electric Vehicles on Electricity Market
32 Low-Dimensional Learning for Complex Robots
33 Model-Based Virtual Thermal Sensors for Lithium-Ion Battery in EV Applications
34 On the Design of a Solar-Panel Receiver for Optical Wireless Communications With Simultaneous Energy Harvesting
35 On-Orbit Radiometric Calibration of Suomi NPP VIIRS Reflective Solar Bands Through Observations of a Sunlit Solar Diffuser Panel
36 Passive RFID for Object and Use Detection During Trauma Resuscitation
37 Real-Time RFID Indoor Positioning System Based on Kalman-Filter Drift Removal and Heron-Bilateration Location Estimation
38 Scalability of Dense Wireless Lighting Control Networks
39 Security-Aware Modeling and Efficient Mapping for CAN-Based Real-Time Distributed Automotive Systems
40 Smart Meter Privacy for Multiple Users in the Presence of an Alternative Energy Source
41 Speaker Verification Method for Operation System of Consumer Electronic Devices
42 Stochastic Cost-Profit Tradeoff Model for Locating an Automotive Service Enterprise
43 Topological Indoor Localization and Navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robot
44 Toward Welding Robot With Human Knowledge: A Remotely-Controlled Approach
45 Ultrathin Crystalline Silicon Hetero junction Solar Cell Integrated on Silicon-on-Insulator Substrate
46 Uninterrupted Wireless Data Transfer for Smart Grids in the Presence of High Power Transients
47 Unlocking Smart Phone through Hand waving Biometrics
48 Wall-Following Control of a Hexapod Robot Using a Data-Driven Fuzzy Controller Learned Through Differential Evolution
49 A Cooperative Train Control Model for Energy Saving
50 A Practical Wireless Attack on the Connected Car and Security Protocol for In-Vehicle CAN
51 A Prototype Integrated Monitoring System for Pavement and Traffic Based on an Embedded Sensing Network
52 A Runtime Integrity Monitoring Framework for Real-Time Relative Positioning Systems Based on GPS and DSRC
53 A Train Localization Algorithm for Train Protection Systems of the Future
54 A Video-Analysis-Based Railway–Road Safety System for Detecting Hazard Situations at Level Crossings
55 Advanced Modeling of a 2-kW Series–Series Resonating Inductive Charger for Real Electric Vehicle
56 An Improved Exact ε-Constraint and Cut-and-Solve Combined Method for Bio objective Robust Lane Reservation
57 Design of a Mobile Charging Service for Electric Vehicles in an Urban Environment
58 Hierarchical and Networked Vehicle Surveillance in ITS: A Survey
59 Nonparametric Technique Based High-Speed Road Surface Detection
60 Online Cost-Sharing Mechanism Design for Demand-Responsive Transport Systems
61 Online Prediction of Driver Distraction Based on Brain Activity Patterns
62 Performance Evaluation of GNSS for Train Localization
63 Recognition of Highway Work zones for Reliable Autonomous Driving
64 Road Edge Recognition Using the Stripe Hough Transform From Millimeter-Wave Radar Images
65 Scanning the Issue and Beyond: Transportation and Mobility Transformation for Smart Cities
66 Sustainable Transportation Management System for a Fleet of Electric Vehicles
67 A Self-Sustainable Power Management System for Reliable Power Scaling Up of Sediment Microbial Fuel Cells
68 A Single-Stage Photovoltaic System for a Dual-Inverter-Fed Open-End Winding Induction Motor Drive for Pumping Applications
69 A Single-Stage Solar-Powered LED Display Driver Using Power Channel Time Multiplexing Technique
70 Alleviation of Electromagnetic Interference Noise Using a Resonant Shunt for Balanced Converters
71 Areal Solar Irradiance Estimated by Sparsely Distributed Observations of Solar Radiation
72 Closed-Loop Discontinuous Modulation Technique for Capacitor Voltage Ripples and Switching Losses Reduction in Modular Multilevel Converters
73 Decentralized Inverse-Droop Control for Input-Series–Output-Parallel DC–DC Converters
74 Detailed Analysis of DC-Link Virtual Impedance-Based Suppression Method for Harmonics Interaction in High-Power PWM Current-Source Motor Drives
75 Frequency-Based Energy-Management Strategy for Stand-Alone Systems With Distributed Battery Storage
76 Functional Modeling of Symmetrical Multipulse Autotransformer Rectifier Units for Aerospace Applications
77 Grid-Connected Forward Micro inverter With Primary-Parallel Secondary-Series Transformer
78 High Step-Up Interleaved Forward-Flyback Boost Converter With Three-Winding Coupled Inductors
79 Home Appliance Load Modeling From Aggregated Smart Meter Data
80 Improving the Vertical Light Extraction Efficiency of GaN-Based Thin-Film Flip-Chip LED With Double Embedded Photonic Crystals
81 LCL Filter Design and Inductor Current Ripple Analysis for a Three-Level NPC Grid Interface Converter
82 Modeling and Controller Design of a Semi isolated Multi input Converter for a Hybrid PV/Wind Power Charger System
83 Modeling and Design of Series Voltage Compensator for Reduction of DC-Link Capacitance in Grid-Tie Solar Inverter
84 New Control of PV Solar Farm as STATCOM (PV-STATCOM) for Increasing Grid Power Transmission Limits During Night and Day
85 On Reducing Power Losses in Stack Multi cell Converters with Optimal Voltage Balancing Method
86 Real-Time Price Based Home Energy Management Scheduler
87 Closed-Loop Control of Local Magnetic Actuation for Robotic Surgical Instruments
88 Distributed Data Fusion for Multi robot Search
89 Hand Impedance Measurements During Interactive Manual Welding With a Robot
90 Multi robot Control Using Time-Varying Density Functions
91 Negative Information for Occlusion Reasoning in Dynamic Extended Multi object Tracking
92 Occlusion-Based Cooperative Transport with a Swarm of Miniature Mobile Robots
93 Optimization-Based Motion Planning in Joint Space for Walking Assistance With Wearable Robot
94 Passivity and Stability of Human–Robot Interaction Control for Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robots
95 Path Following Using Dynamic Transverse Feedback Linearization for Car-Like Robots
96 Robotic Handling of Surgical Instruments in a Cluttered Tray
97 A Handheld Inertial Pedestrian Navigation System With Accurate Step Modes and Device Poses Recognition
98 A High Reliability Wearable Device for Elderly Fall Detection
99 A Low Cost, Highly Scalable Wireless Sensor Network Solution to Achieve Smart LED Light Control for Green Buildings
100 A Low Power Temperature to Frequency Converter for the On-Chip Temperature Measurement
101 A Method for Uncertainty Assessment of Passive Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Retrieval Using an Infrared Reference Light
102 A Novel Calibration Model of Polarization Navigation Sensor
103 A Parking Occupancy Detection Algorithm Based on AMR Sensor
104 A Passive Transponder for Visible Light Identification Using a Solar Cell
105 A Sensor-Based Dual-Arm Tele-Robotic System
106 A Smart Sensor Network for Sea Water Quality Monitoring
107 A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System
108 An Algorithm for the Automatic Analysis of Signals From an Oyster Heart Rate Sensor
109 An Approach of Reliable Data Transmission With Random Redundancy for Wireless Sensors in Structural Health Monitoring
110 2015An Automatic Screening Approach for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Based on Single-Lead Electrocardiogram
111 An Embedded Passive Resonant Sensor Using Frequency Diversity Technology for High-Temperature Wireless Measurement
112 An Ultrasonic and Vision-Based Relative Positioning Sensor for Multirobot Localization
113 Automated Health Alerts Using In-Home Sensor Data for Embedded Health Assessment
114 Automatic Control System for Thermal Comfort Based on Predicted Mean Vote and Energy Saving
115 Automatic Detection and Notification of Potholes and Humps on Roads to Aid Drivers
116 Blood Pulsation Measurement Using Linearly Polarized Light
117 BUCKET: Scheduling of Solar-Powered Sensor Networks via Cross-Layer Optimization
118 Compact Personal Distributed Wearable Exposimeter
119 Design and Application of a VOC-Monitoring System Based on a ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network
120 Design and Calibration of the Unilateral Sensitive Soil Moisture Sensor
121 Design and Experimental Validation of Novel Force Sensor
122 Design and Implementation of Smart Home Control Systems Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and Power Line Communications
123 Design of a CMOS Calibrated Monolithic Illumination Meter for Monitoring Solar Radiation of Tomato Crops
124 Electrical Impedance Tomography for Artificial Sensitive Robotic Skin: A Review
125 Energy Efficient Ethernet for Real-Time Industrial Networks
126 Evaluation of the Aging Process of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Under Different Stress Conditions
127 Fabrication and Characteristic Analysis of a Remote Real-Time Monitoring Applied to Glucose Sensor System Based on Micro fluidic Framework
128 Gesture Recognition Using Wearable Vision Sensors to Enhance Visitors’ Museum Experiences
129 Hierarchical and Dynamic Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Based Self-Certified Public Key Scheme for Medical Data Protection
130 Hybrid Blocking Algorithm for Identification of Overlapping Staying Tags Between Multiple Neighboring Readers in RFID Systems
131 Hybrid WLAN-RFID Indoor Localization Solution Utilizing Textile Tag
132 Image-Based Process Monitoring Using Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition
133 Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection
134 Integrated Sensing Systems and Algorithms for Solid Waste Bin State Management Automation
135 MEMS Multi sensor Intelligent Damage Detection for Wind Turbines
136 Passive and Semi-Passive Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors Based on EPC Generation-2 UHF Protocol
137 Performance Evaluation of Wireless Body Sensors in the Presence of Slow and Fast Fading Effects
138 Personal Lung Function Monitoring Devices for Asthma Patients
139 Power-Efficient Interrupt-Driven Algorithms for Fall Detection and Classification of Activities of Daily Living
140 PRT Embedded Micro heaters for Optimum Temperature Distribution of Air-Suspended Structures for Gas Sensor Applications
141 Recent Advances in Wearable Sensors for Health Monitoring
142 Smart Lighting System ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 Compatible
143 SmartPDR: Smartphone-Based Pedestrian Dead Reckoning for Indoor Localization
144 Solar-Powered Wireless Temperature Sensor Based on UWB RFID With Self-Calibration
145 System Architecture for Low-Power Ubiquitously Connected Remote Health Monitoring Applications With Smart Transmission Mechanism
146 The Development of a Blood Leakage Monitoring System for the Applications in Hem dialysis Therapy
147 Thermal Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Node in Aluminum Core PCB Technology
148 Vehicle Detection and Classification for Low-Speed Congested Traffic With Anisotropic Magneto resistive Sensor
149 Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring: A Review
150 Wireless Bio sensing Using Silver-Enhancement Based Self-Assembled Antennas in Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags
151 Wireless Power Transfer for Telemetric Devices With Variable Orientation, for Small Rodent Behavior Monitoring
152 WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings
153 A New Low-Cost Centralized MPPT Controller System for Multiply Distributed Photovoltaic Power Conditioning Modules
154 An Artificial Neural Network Approach for Early Fault Detection of Gearbox Bearings
155 Cost-Effective and Privacy-Preserving Energy Management for Smart Meters
156 Day-Ahead Power Output Forecasting for Small-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Generators
157 Energy Management for Households With Solar Assisted Thermal Load Considering Renewable Energy and Price Uncertainty
158 Scalable Meter Data Collection in Smart Grids Through Message Concatenation
159 Smart Electricity Meter Data Intelligence for Future Energy Systems: A Survey
160 Smart Meter Data Analytics for Distribution Network Connectivity Verification
161 Smart Metering of Variable Power Loads
162 Using Smart Meter Data to Improve the Accuracy of Intraday Load Forecasting Considering Customer Behavior Similarities
163 3-D Simulation and Optimization of Organic Solar Cell With Periodic Back Contact Grating Electrode
164 A New Solar Module Modeling for PV Applications Based on a Symmetrized and Shifted Gompertz Model
165 A Systematic Loss Analysis Method for Rear-Passivated Silicon Solar Cells
166 Air Gaps as Intermediate Selective Reflectors to Reach Theoretical Efficiency Limits of Multiband gap Solar Cells
167 Amorphous/Crystalline Silicon Interface Passivation: Ambient-Temperature Dependence and Implications for Solar Cell Performance
168 An Efficient Finite-Difference Time-Domain Algorithm to Simulate the Absorbed Energy of Nonflat Layers or Particles of Thin-Film Solar Cells
169 Analysis of Fine-Line Screen and Stencil-Printed Metal Contacts for Silicon Wafer Solar Cells
170 Back-Contacted Silicon Hetero junction Solar Cells: Optical-Loss Analysis and Mitigation
171 Compact Light-Emitting Diode-Based AAA Class Solar Simulator: Design and Application Peculiarities
172 Correlation of Electroluminescence With Open-Circuit Voltage From Thin-Film CdTe Solar Cells
173 Coupling Incident Light to Guided Modes in Thin-Film Tandem Solar Cells With Intermediate Reflector
174 Design and Dynamics of a Novel Solar Tracker with Parallel Mechanism
175 Designing Bottom Silicon Solar Cells for Multi junction Devices
176 Diagnostic of Neutralization Current for Arcs on Satellite Solar Panel Coupons
177 Diffusion and Segregation Model for the Annealing of Silicon Solar Cells Implanted With Phosphorus
178 Effect of Barrier Thickness on Carrier Transport Inside Multiple Quantum Well Solar Cells Under High-Concentration Illumination
179 Effect of EVA Encapsulation on Antireflection Properties of Mie Nanoscatterers for c-Si Solar Cells
180 Effect of Spectral Irradiance Variations on the Performance of Highly Efficient Environment-Friendly Solar Cells
181 Efficiency Potential of Rear Hetero junction Stripe Contacts Applied in Hybrid Silicon Wafer Solar Cells
182 Electron Barrier Engineering in a Thin-Film Intermediate-Band Solar Cell
183 Expanding Existing Solar Irradiance Monitoring Network Using Entropy
184 Field Measurement Of An Implemented Solar Powered Bs-Based Wireless Mesh Network
185 Hybrid Microgrid Model Based on Solar Photovoltaic Battery Fuel Cell System for Intermittent Load Applications
186 Impact of Edge Recombination in Small-Area Solar Cells with Emitter Windows
187 Improved Light Absorption of GaInP/GaAs/Ge Solar Cell Modules With Micro/Nanoengineered Cover glasses
188 Influence of Interface Textures on Light Management in Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells With Intermediate Reflector
189 Investigation of Acetic Acid Corrosion Impact on Printed Solar Cell Contacts
190 Investigation of Interdigitated Metallization Patterns for Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cells on Glass
191 Laser-Scribing Patterning for the Production of Organometallic Halide Perovskite Solar Modules
192 Local Series Resistance Imaging of Silicon Solar Cells With Complex Current Paths
193 Low Surface Recombination in Silicon-Heterojunction Solar Cells With Rear Laser-Fired Contacts From Aluminum Foils
194 Microscale Spatially Resolved Characterization of Highly Doped Regions in Laser-Fired Contacts for High-Efficiency Crystalline Si Solar Cells
195 Modeling the Effects of Inhomogeneous Irradiation and Temperature Profile on CPV Solar Cell Behavior
196 Nondestructive Characterization of Voids in Rear Local Contacts of PERC-Type Solar Cells
197 Optical modelling for concentrating photovoltaic systems: insolation transfer variations with solar source descriptions
198 Optimization of Multijunction Solar Cells Through Indoor Energy Yield Measurements
199 Optimizing Folded Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cells on ZnO Honeycomb Electrodes
200 Passivation-Induced Cavity Defects in Laser-Doped Selective Emitter Si Solar Cells—Formation Model and Recombination Analysis
201 Performance Limits aand Status of Single-Junction Solar Cells With Emphasis on CIGS
202 Propulsive Force in an Electric Solar Sail for Outer Planet Missions
203 Role of the Front Electron Collector in Rear Emitter Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
204 SEEDS: A Solar-Based Energy-Efficient Distributed Server Farm
205 Simulation Investigation of High-Efficiency Solar Thermoelectric Generators With Inhomogeneously Doped Nanomaterials
206 Solar Power Shaping: An Analytical Approach
207 Status and Potential of CdTe Solar-Cell Efficiency
208 Supercharging Silicon Solar Cell Performance by Means of Multijunction Concept
209 Targeted Search for Effective Intermediate Band Solar Cell Materials
210 The Frozen Potential Approach to Separate the Photocurrent and Diode Injection Current in Solar Cells
211 The Segmental Approximation in Multijunction Solar Cells
212 Two-Stage Solar Photovoltaic-Based Stand-Alone Scheme Having Battery as Energy Storage Element for Rural Deployment
213 Two-Dimensional Modeling of the Metallization-Induced Recombination Losses of Screen-Printed Solar Cells
214 Two-Stage Solar Photovoltaic-Based Stand-Alone Scheme Having Battery as Energy Storage Element for Rural Deployment
215 Ultralow Interface State Density Achieved by Light-Induced Anodization of Aluminum on Silicon Solar Cell Surfaces