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Final Year IEEE Power Electronics Project Titles – 2015


1 New Interleaved Current-Fed Resonant Converter with Significantly Reduced High Current Side Output Filter for EV and HEV Applications
2 New Hexagonal Three-Phase Voltage-Source Converter Topology for High-Power Applications
3 Multilevel Modular DC/DC Power Converter for High-Voltage DC-Connected Offshore Wind Energy Applications
4 Multisource and Battery-Free Energy Harvesting Architecture for Aeronautics Applications
5 Modular Multilevel DC DC Converters with Phase-Shift Control Scheme for High-Voltage DC-Based Systems
6 Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel PV Inverter with Distributed MPPT for Grid-Connected Applications
7 Model Predictive Control Methods to Reduce Common-Mode Voltage for Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverters
8 Modeling and Design of Series Voltage Compensator for Reduction of DC-Link Capacitance in Grid-Tie Solar Inverter
9 Modeling and Controller Design of a Semi-isolated Multi-input Converter for a Hybrid PV/Wind Power Charger System
10 Modeling and Analysis of Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters with Free-Wheeling ZCS
11 Modeling Approaches for DC–DC Converters with Switched Capacitors
12 Measurement-Based Harmonic Modeling of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Using a Three-Phase Uncontrolled Rectifier
13 LCL Filter Design and Inductor Current Ripple Analysis for a Three-Level NPC Grid Interface Converter
14 Integrated Dual Full-Bridge converter with Current-Doubler Rectifier for EV charger
15 New Three Dimensional Space Vector based Switching Signal Generation Technique without Null Vectors and with Reduced Switching Losses for a Grid-Connected Four-leg Inverter
16 Interleaved Boost-Integrated LLC Resonant Converter With Fixed-Frequency PWM Control for Renewable Energy Generation Applications
17 Infinity-Norm of Impedance-Based Stability Criterion for Three-Phase AC Distributed Power Systems With Constant Power Loads
18 Indirect Matrix Converter-Based Topology and Modulation Schemes for Enhancing Input Reactive Power Capability
19 Improved-Power-Quality Bridgeless-Converter-Based Multiple-Output SMPS
20 Load Adaptability of Active Harmonic Reduction for 12-Pulse Diode Bridge Rectifier with active inter-phase reactor
21 Hybrid Switched-Inductor Converters for High Step-Up Conversion
22 Hybrid IPT Topologies with Constant-Current or Constant-Voltage Output for Battery Charging Applications
23 High-Voltage Tapped-Inductor Buck Converter Utilizing an Autonomous High-Side Switch
24 High Step-Up Interleaved Forward-Flyback Boost Converter with Three-Winding Coupled Inductors
25 High-Efficiency-Isolated Single-Input Multiple-Output Bidirectional Converter
26 High-Gain Resonant Switched-Capacitor Cell-Based DC/DC Converter for Offshore Wind Energy Systems
27 Grid-Connected Forward Microinverter With Primary-Parallel Secondary-Series Transformer
28 Full-Range Soft-Switching Isolated Buck-Boost Converters With Integrated Interleaved Boost Converter and Phase-Shifted Control
29 Functional Modeling of Symmetrical Multipulse Autotransformer Rectifier Units for Aerospace Applications
30 Energy Management of a Fuel Cell Serial-Parallel Hybrid System
31 Energy Feed-Forward and Direct Feed-Forward Control for Solid-State Transformer
32 Embedded Control of n-Level DC–DC–AC Inverter
33 Dual Switches DC DC Converter with Three-winding-coupled Inductor and Charge Pump
34 Double-Phase High-Efficiency, Wide Load Range High- Voltage/Low-Voltage LLC DC/DC Converter for Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
35 Distributed Control for Autonomous Operation of a Three-Port AC/DC/DS Hybrid Microgrid
36 Direct Power Control Based on Natural Switching Surface for Three-Phase PWM Rectifiers
37 Detailed Analysis of DC-Link Virtual Impedance-Based Suppression Method for Harmonics Interaction in High-Power PWM Current-Source Motor Drives
38 Design of a Single-Switch DC/DC Converter for a PV-Battery-Powered Pump System with PFM+PWM Control
39 Design of Energy Control Method for Three-Phase Buck-Type Rectifier with Very Demanding Load Steps to Achieve Smooth Input Currents
40 Design of Class E Resonant Rectifiers and Diode Evaluation for VHF Power Conversion
41 Delay-Dependent Stability of Single-Loop Controlled Grid-Connected Inverters with LCL Filters
42 Decentralized Inverse-Droop Control for Input-Series–Output-Parallel DC–DC Converters
43 A 12-Step Sensorless Drive for Brushless DC Motors Based on Back-EMF Differences
44 A 12-Sector Space Vector Switching Scheme for Performance Improvement of Matrix-Converter-Based DTC of IM Drive
45 A Bidirectional LLC Resonant Converter With Automatic Forward and Backward Mode Transition
46 A Cell-to-Cell Battery Equalizer with Zero-Current Switching and Zero-Voltage Gap Based on Quasi-Resonant LC Converter and Boost Converter
47 A Comparison between Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source and Quasi-Switched-Boost Inverters
48 A Family of Multiport Buck–Boost Converters Based on DC-Link-Inductors (DLIs)
49 A Four-Switch Three-Phase SEPIC-Based Inverter
50 A High-Efficiency MOSFET Transformerless Inverter for Non-isolated Microinverter Applications
51 A High-Frequency Model for a PCM Buck Converter
52 A High Gain Input-Parallel Output-Series DC DC Converter with Dual Coupled Inductors
53 A High Step-Down Multiple Output Converter With Wide Input Voltage Range Based on Quasi Two-Stage Architecture and Dual-Output LLC Resonant Converter
54 A Multilevel Energy Buffer and Voltage Modulator for Grid-Interfaced Micro-inverters
55 A Multi-Input Bridgeless Resonant AC-DC Converter for Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting
56 A Multiphase Synchronous Buck Converter With a Fully Integrated Current Balancing Scheme
57 A New Family of Modular Multilevel Converter Based on Modified Flying-Capacitor Multicell Converters
58 A Novel Accurate Primary-Side Control (PSC) Method for Half-Bridge (HB) LLC Converter
59 A Novel PWM High Voltage Conversion Ratio Bi-directional Three-Phase DC/DC Converter with Y-Δ Connected Transformer
60 A Novel Transformer-less Interleaved Four-Phase Step-down DC Converter with Low Switch Voltage Stress and Automatic Uniform Current Sharing Characteristics
61 A Novel Soft Switched Cycloinverter
62 A Ring Diode-Capacitor Network for Current-Balancing Multiple LED Strings
63 A Simple Current Control Strategy for a Four-Leg Indirect Matrix Converter
64 A Single-stage LED Driver Based on BCM Boost Circuit and LLC Converter for Street Lighting System
65 A Switching Control Strategy for Single- and Dual-Inductor Current-Fed Push–Pull Converters
66 A Switched-Reluctance Generator with Interleaved Interface DC–DC Converter
67 A Three-Level Quasi-Two-Stage Single-Phase PFC Converter with Flexible Output Voltage and Improved Conversion Efficiency
68 A Three-Phase Isolated Bidirectional AC/DC Converter and its Modified SVPWM Algorithm
69 An Enhanced Islanding Microgrid Reactive Power, Imbalance Power, and Harmonic Power Sharing Scheme
70 An Extended Lyapunov-Function-Based Control Strategy for Single-Phase UPS Inverters
71 An EV SRM Drive Powered by Battery/Supercapacitor with G2V and V2H/V2G Capabilities
72 An Innovative Conversion Device to the Grid Interface of Combined RES-Based Generators and Electric Storage Systems
73 An Interleaved High-Power Flyback Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications
74 An LCL-LC Filter for Grid-Connected Converter: Topology, Parameter, and Analysis
75 An Optimized Switching Strategy for a Ripple-Canceling Boost Converter
76 Analysis and Design of DC System Protection using Z-Source Circuit Breaker
77 Analysis and Design of LLC Resonant Converters with Capacitor–Diode Clamp Current Limiting
78 Analysis of Diode Reverse Recovery Effect on the Improvement of Soft-Switching Range in Zero-Voltage-Transition Bidirectional Converters
79 Analysis of the Interleaved Isolated Boost Converter with Coupled Inductors
80 Analytical Model of the Half-Bridge Series Resonant Inverter for Improved Power Conversion Efficiency and Performance
81 Automatic Mode-Shifting Control Strategy with Input Voltage Feed-Forward for Full-Bridge-Boost DC–DC Converter Suitable for Wide Input Voltage Range
82 Bidirectional Current-Fed Resonant Inverter for Contactless Energy Transfer Systems
83 Bidirectional PWM Converter Integrating Cell Voltage Equalizer Using Series-Resonant Voltage Multiplier for Series-Connected Energy Storage Cells
84 Bidirectional Operation of High Step-Down Converter
85 Bidirectional Soft-Switching Series AC-Link Inverter
86 Closed-Form Solution of Time-Varying Model and Its Applications for Output Current Harmonics in Two-Stage PV Inverter
87 Novel High-Conversion-Ratio High-Efficiency Isolated Bidirectional DC–DC Converter
88 Novel High Step-Up DC–DC Converter With Active Coupled-Inductor Network for a Sustainable Energy System
89 Novel Modular Multiple-Input Bidirectional DC–DC Power Converter (MIPC) for HEV/FCV Application
90 Offline Soft-Switched LED Driver Based on an Integrated Bridgeless Boost–Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converter
91 Onboard Integrated Battery Charger for EVs Using an Asymmetrical Nine-Phase Machine
92 On Reducing Power Losses in Stack Multicell Converters with Optimal Voltage Balancing Method
93 Performance of Medium-Voltage DC-Bus PV System Architecture Utilizing High-Gain DC–DC Converter
94 Power Control of Grid-Connected Converters under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions
95 Power Factor Correction in Bridgeless-Luo Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive
96 Proportional-Integral (PI) Compensator Design of Duty-Cycle-Controlled Buck LED Driver
97 PV Isolated Three-Port Converter and Energy-Balancing Control Method for PV-Battery Power Supply Applications
98 Reactive Power Control of Three-Phase Grid-Connected PV System during Grid Faults using Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Probabilistic Fuzzy Neural Network Control
99 Resonant Converter With Resonant-Voltage-Multiplier Rectifier and Constant Frequency Phase-Shift Control For Isolated Buck-Boost Power Conversion
100 Resonance Analysis and Soft-Switching Design of Isolated Boost Converter With Coupled Inductors for Vehicle Inverter Application
101 Secondary-Side Phase-Shift-Controlled Dual-Transformer-Based Asymmetrical Dual-Bridge Converter With Wide Voltage Gain
102 Seventeen-Level Inverter Formed by Cascading Flying Capacitor and Floating Capacitor H-Bridges
103 Soft-Stop Optimal Trajectory Control for Improved Performance of the Series Resonant Multi-Inverter for Domestic Induction Heating Applications
104 Sliding-Mode Control for a Three-Phase Unity Power Factor Rectifier Operating at Fixed Switching Frequency
105 Space-Vector versus Nearest-Level Pulse Width Modulation for Multilevel Converters
106 Space Vector Modulation for DC-Link Current Ripple Reduction in Back-To-Back Current Source Converters for Microgrid Applications
107 Split Converter-Fed SRM Drive for Flexible Charging in EV/HEV Applications
108 Steady-State Analysis and Design of Class-DE Inverter at Any Duty Ratio
109 Steady-State Analysis of a ZVS Bidirectional Isolated Three-Phase DC-DC Converter using Dual Phase-Shift Control with Variable Duty Cycle
110 Synthesis and Analysis of Double-Input Single-Output DC/DC Converters
111 Two-stage Matrix Converter based on Third-harmonic Injection Technique
112 Two-Stage Solar Photovoltaic-Based Stand-Alone Scheme Having Battery as Energy Storage Element for Rural Deployment
113 Three-Port DC–DC Converter for Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems
114 Three-Level DC Converter for Balancing DC 800-V Voltage
115 Three-Phase AC-Side Voltage-Doubling High Power Density Voltage Source Converter with Intrinsic Buck–Boost Cell and Common-Mode Voltage Suppression
116 Three-Phase-to-Three-Phase AC/AC DC-Link Five-Leg Converters Based on Three- and Two-Level Legs
117 Variable-Form Carrier-based PWM for Boost-Voltage Motor Driver with a Charge-Pump Circuit
118 Versatile Control of Unidirectional AC–DC Boost Converters for Power Quality Mitigation
119 Voltage-Balancing Method for Modular Multilevel Converters under Phase-Shifted Carrier-Based Pulse width Modulation
120 Y-Source Boost DC/DC Converter for Distributed Generation
121 A Control Method of HVDC-Modular Multilevel Converter Based on Arm Current under the Unbalanced Voltage Condition
122 A Control Architecture to Coordinate Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storage Systems in Islanded Microgrids
123 A Coordinated Voltage Control Approach for Coordination of OLTC, Voltage Regulator, and DG to Regulate Voltage in a Distribution Feeder
124 A Grid-Connected Dual Voltage Source Inverter With Power Quality Improvement Features
125 A Novel Hybrid Islanding Detection Method for Inverter-based DGs Using SFS and ROCOF
126 A Novel Droop-Based Average Voltage Sharing Control Strategy for DC Microgrids
127 A Novel Integrated Power Quality Controller for Microgrid
128 A Multi-Agent System Framework for Real-Time Electric Load Management in MVAC All-Electric Ship Power Systems
129 A Multi-Mode Control Strategy for VAr Support by Solar PV Inverters in Distribution Networks
130 A Scheme for the Power Control in a DFIG Connected to a DC Bus via a Diode Rectifier
131 A Single Sensor Based MPPT Controller for Wind-Driven Induction Generators Supplying DC Microgrid
132 A Phase-Shifted-PWM D-STATCOM Using a Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter (SSBC)—Part I: Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Current Control
133 A Phase-Shifted PWM D-STATCOM Using a Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter (SSBC)—Part II Zero-Voltage-Ride-Through Capability
134 A Zero-Sequence Voltage Injection-Based Control Strategy for a Parallel Hybrid Modular Multilevel HVDC Converter System
135 An Enhanced Voltage Sag Compensation Scheme for Dynamic Voltage Restorer
136 An Integrated Dynamic Voltage Restorer-Ultracapacitor Design for Improving Power Quality of the Distribution Grid
137 Active Voltage Feedback Control for Hybrid Multi-terminal HVDC System Adopting Improved Synchro-converters
138 Active Rectifier with Integrated System Control for Micro-wind Power Systems
139 Adaptive Droop for Control of Multiterminal DC Bus Integrating Energy Storage
140 Adaptive Droop Control Strategy for Load Sharing and Circulating Current Minimization in Low-Voltage Standalone DC Microgrid
141 Analysis and Design of Hybrid Machines for DC Generation
142 Closed-Form Solution of Time-Varying Model and Its Applications for Output Current Harmonics in Two-Stage PV Inverter
143 Comparison of Detailed Modeling Techniques for MMC Employed on VSC-HVDC Schemes
144 Comparison of the Modular Multilevel DC Converter and the Dual-Active Bridge Converter for Power Conversion in HVDC and MVDC Grids
145 Control of Brushless Doubly-Fed Reluctance Generators for Wind Energy Conversion Systems
146 Control of PMSG-Based Wind Turbines for System Inertial Response and Power Oscillation Damping
147 Control Strategies of a DC Microgrid for Grid Connected and Islanded Operations
148 Contribution of VSC-HVDC to Frequency Regulation of Power Systems With Offshore Wind Generation
149 Decentralized Control of a Nine-Phase Permanent Magnet Generator for Offshore Wind Turbines
150 Design of a Power-Electronic-Assisted OLTC for Grid Voltage Regulation
151 Development and Implementation of a Supervisor Strategy and Sliding Mode Control Setup for Fuel-Cell-Based Hybrid Generation Systems
152 Distribution Switches Upgrade for Loss Reduction and Reliability Improvement
153 Dynamic Stability Enhancement of a DC-Segmented AC Power System Via HVDC Operating-Point Adjustment
154 DC Impedance-Model-Based Resonance Analysis of a VSC–HVDC System
155 DC-Side Harmonic Currents Calculation and DC-Loop Resonance Analysis for an LCC–MMC Hybrid HVDC Transmission System
156 DC Transmission Grid With Low-Speed Protection Using Mechanical DC Circuit Breakers
157 Effect of the Electrical Energy Conversion on Optimal Cycles for Pumping Airborne Wind Energy
158 Enhancing the Ride-Through Capability of DC-Link Voltage in NPC Multilevel Unified Power-Flow Controllers
159 Fault Analysis for Distribution Networks with Current-Controlled Three-Phase Inverter-Interfaced Distributed Generators
160 Flexible System Architecture of Stand-Alone PV Power Generation With Energy Storage Device
161 Flicker Mitigation via Dynamic Volt/VAR Control of Power Electronic Interfaced WTGs
162 Fuzzy Approach for Online Coordination of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging in Smart Grid
163 Hybrid Cascaded Modular Multilevel Converter with DC Fault Ride-Through Capability for HVDC Transmission System
164 Hybrid Design of Modular Multilevel Converters for HVDC Systems Based on Various Submodule Circuits
165 Hybrid Microgrid Model Based on Solar Photovoltaic Battery Fuel Cell System for Intermittent Load Applications
166 Impact of HVDC Transmission System Topology on Multiterminal DC Network Faults
167 Impedance Model-Based SSR Analysis for TCSC Compensated Type-3 Wind Energy Delivery Systems
168 Load Balancing With EV Chargers and PV Inverters in Unbalanced Distribution Grids
169 Modulation and Control of Transformer-less UPFC
170 Model Predictive Control with a Reduced Number of Considered States in a Modular Multilevel Converter for HVDC System
171 Modularized Control Strategy and Performance Analysis of DFIG System Under Unbalanced and Harmonic Grid Voltage
172 New Control of PV Solar Farm as STATCOM (PV-STATCOM) for Increasing Grid Power Transmission Limits during Night and Day
173 Novel Coordinated Voltage Control for Hybrid Micro-Grid With Islanding Capability
174 Pre-charging and DC Fault Ride-Through of Hybrid MMC-Based HVDC Systems
175 Robust and Generic Control of Full-Bridge Modular Multilevel Converter High-Voltage DC Transmission Systems
176 Robust Optimal Power Management System for a Hybrid AC/DC Micro-Grid
177 SSR Damping Controller Design and Optimal Placement in Rotor-Side and Grid-Side Converters of Series-Compensated DFIG-Based Wind Farm
178 Stability Assessment Extensions for Single-Phase Distribution Solid-State Transformers
179 Stability Enhancement of a DC-Segmented AC Power System
180 Switching Frequency Analysis of Staircase Modulated Modular Multilevel Converters and Equivalent PWM Techniques
181 Switching Overvoltage Characteristics of 1100-kV UHVDC Converter Station
182 The Delta Configured Modular Multilevel Converter
183 The Effect of VSC HVDC Control and Operating Condition on Dynamic Behavior of Integrated AC/DC System
184 Three-Phase Series-Connected Modular Multilevel Converter for HVDC Application
185 The Research of SM Topology with DC Fault Tolerance in MMC-HVDC
186 Transient Stability Enhancement of Doubly Fed Induction Machine-Based Wind Generator by Bridge-Type Fault Current Limiter
187 Transient Stability of Wind Turbine Adopting a Generic Model of DFIG and Singularity-Induced Instability of Generators/Units with Power–Electronic Interface
188 A Generalized Voltage Droop Strategy for Control of Multiterminal DC Grids
189 A Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converter With Fault Blocking Capability for HVDC Interconnects
190 A Power Decoupling Method Based on Four-Switch Three-Port DC-DC-AC Converter in DC Microgrid