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Final Year IEEE Power System Project Titles – 2015


1 New Control of PV Solar Farm as STATCOM (PV-STATCOM) for Increasing Grid Power Transmission Limits During Night and Day 2015
2 An Adaptive Power Oscillation Damping Controller by STATCOM With Energy Storage 2015
3 A New Control Strategy for Distributed Static Compensators Considering Transmission Reactive Flow Constraints 2015
4 A Voltage-Controlled DSTATCOM for Power-Quality Improvement 2014
5 An Improved Hybrid DSTATCOM Topology to Compensate Reactive and Nonlinear Loads 2014
6 The Transformerless Single-Phase Universal Active Power Filter for Harmonic and Reactive Power Compensation 2014
7 An Enhanced Voltage Sag Compensation Scheme for Dynamic Voltage Restorer 2015
8 An Improved iUPQC Controller to Provide Additional Grid-Voltage Regulation as a STATCOM 2015
9 A Grid-Connected Dual Voltage Source Inverter With Power Quality Improvement Features 2015
10 Transformerless Hybrid Power Filter Based on a Six Switch Two-Leg Inverter for Improved Harmonic Compensation Performance 2015
11 A New Railway Power Flow Control System Coupled With Asymmetric Double LC Branches 2015
12 Analysis of DC Link Operation Voltage of a Hybrid Railway Power Quality Conditioner and its PQ Compensation Capability in High Speed Co-phase Traction Power Supply 2015
13 A Systematic Approach to Hybrid Railway Power Conditioner Design With Harmonic Compensation for High-Speed Railway 2015
14 High-Gain Resonant Switched-Capacitor Cell-Based DC/DC Converter for Offshore Wind Energy Systems 2015
15 DC Microgrid for Wind and Solar Power Integration 2014
16 A Novel High Step-up DC/DC Converter Based on Integrating Coupled Inductor and Switched-Capacitor Techniques for Renewable Energy Applications 2015
17 Hybrid Transformer ZVS/ZCS DC–DC Converter With Optimized Magnetics and Improved Power Devices Utilization for Photovoltaic Module Applications 2015
18 Performance of Medium-Voltage DC-Bus PV System Architecture Utilizing High-Gain DC–DC Converter 2015
19 A Single Stage CCM Zeta Microinverter for Solar Photovoltaic AC Module 2015
20 Topology Review and Derivation Methodology of Single-Phase Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverters for Leakage Current Suppression 2015
21 A High Efficiency Flyback Micro-inverter With a New Adaptive Snubber for Photovoltaic Applications 2015
22 High Step-Up Converter With Three-Winding Coupled Inductor for Fuel Cell Energy Source Applications 2015
23 Optimized Operation of Current-Fed Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter for PV Applications 2015
24 Online Variable Topology-Type Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter 2015
25 An Enhanced Islanding Microgrid Reactive Power, Imbalance Power, and Harmonic Power Sharing Scheme 2015
26 A Novel Integrated Power Quality Controller for Microgrid 2015
27 Power Control in AC Isolated Microgrids With Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storage Systems
28 General Analysis and Design Guideline for a Battery Buffer System With DC/DC Converter and EDLC for
Electric Vehicles and its Influence on Efficiency
29 Dual Active Bridge-Based Battery Charger for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Charging Current Containing Low Frequency Ripple 2015
30 Reduced-Capacity Smart Charger for Electric Vehicles on Single-Phase Three-Wire Distribution Feeders With Reactive Power Control 2015
31 A Non isolated Multi input Multi output DC–DC Boost Converter for Electric Vehicle Applications 2015
32 New Interleaved Current-Fed Resonant Converter With Significantly Reduced High Current Side Output Filter for EV and HEV Applications 2015
33 PFC Cuk Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive 2015
34 Variable-Form Carrier-Based PWM for Boost-Voltage Motor Driver With a Charge-Pump Circuit 2015
35 Sensorless Drive for High-Speed Brushless DC Motor Based on the Virtual Neutral Voltage 2015
36 Independent Control of Two Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors Fed by a Four-Leg Inverter 2015
37 Online Inverter Fault Diagnosis of Buck-Converter BLDC Motor Combinations 2015
38 A Unity Power Factor Bridgeless Isolated Cuk Converter-Fed Brushless DC Motor Drive 2015
39 A Zero-Voltage-Transition Bidirectional DC/DC Converter 2015
40 Steady-State Analysis of a ZVS Bidirectional Isolated Three Phase DC-DC Converter Using Dual Phase-Shift Control with Variable Duty Cycle 2015
41 Novel High-Conversion-Ratio High-Efficiency Isolated Bidirectional DC–DC Converter 2015
42 DC–DC Converter for Dual-Voltage Automotive Systems Based on Bidirectional Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Architectures 2015
43 A Novel PWM High Voltage Conversion Ratio Bi-Directional Three-Phase DC/DC Converter with Y-Δ Connected Transformer 2015
44 Performance Analysis of Bi-directional DC-DC Converters for Electric Vehicles 2015
45 Offline Soft-Switched LED Driver Based on an Integrated Bridgeless Boost–Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converter 2015
46 A Novel Control Scheme of Quasi-Resonant Valley-Switching for High-Power-Factor AC-to-DC LED Drivers 2015
47 A Novel Wall-Switched Step-Dimming Concept in LED Lighting Systems using PFC Zeta Converter 2015
48 Analysis and Design of Single-Switch Forward-Flyback Two-Channel LED Driver with Resonant-Blocking Capacitor 2015
49 Bridgeless PFC-Modified SEPIC Rectifier With Extended Gain for Universal Input Voltage Applications 2015
50 A Three-Level Quasi-Two-Stage Single-Phase PFC Converter with Flexible Output Voltage and Improved Conversion Efficiency 2015
51 Front-End Converter With Integrated PFC and DC–DC Functions for a Fuel Cell UPS With DSP-Based Control 2015
52 Loss-Free Resistor-Based Power Factor Correction Using a Semi-Bridgeless Boost Rectifier in Sliding-Mode Control 2015
53 Power Factor Corrected Zeta Converter Based Improved Power Quality Switched Mode Power Supply 2015
54 A New Interleaved Three-Phase Single-Stage PFC AC–DC Converter With Flying Capacitor 2015
55 Hybrid Phase-Shift-Controlled Three-Level and LLC DC–DC Converter With Active Connection at the Secondary Side 2015
56 Analysis and Design of LLC Resonant Converters With Capacitor–Diode Clamp Current Limiting 2015
57 A Secondary-Side Phase-Shift-Controlled LLC Resonant Converter With Reduced Conduction Loss at Normal Operation for Hold-Up Time Compensation Application 2015
58 Optimal Design Methodology for LLC Resonant Converter in Battery Charging Applications Based on Time-Weighted Average Efficiency 2015
59 Analytical Model of the Half-Bridge Series Resonant
Inverter for Improved Power Conversion Efficiency and Performance
60 Multi-MOSFET-Based Series Resonant Inverter for Improved Efficiency and Power Density Induction Heating Applications 2014
61 A High Gain Input-Parallel Output-Series DC/DC Converter With Dual Coupled Inductors 2015
62 Bidirectional PWM Converter Integrating Cell Voltage Equalizer Using Series-Resonant Voltage Multiplier for Series-Connected Energy Storage Cells 2015
63 Multicell Switched-Inductor/Switched-Capacitor Combined Active-Network Converters 2015
64 Reliability Evaluation of Conventional and Interleaved DC–DC Boost Converters 2015
65 A Novel Switched-Coupled-Inductor DC–DC Step-Up Converter and Its Derivatives 2015
66 Ripple Minimization Through Harmonic Elimination in Asymmetric Interleaved Multiphase dc-dc Converters 2015
67 Analysis of the Interleaved Isolated Boost Converter With Coupled Inductors 2015
68 High Step-Up Interleaved Forward-Flyback Boost Converter With Three-Winding Coupled Inductors 2015
69 A Novel Transformer-less Interleaved Four-Phase Step-down DC Converter with Low Switch Voltage Stress and Automatic Uniform Current Sharing Characteristics 2015
70 Nonisolated High Step-Up DC–DC Converters Adopting Switched-Capacitor Cell 2015
71 A Family of High-Voltage Gain Single-Phase Hybrid Switched-Capacitor PFC Rectifiers 2015
72 A High-Efficiency Resonant Switched Capacitor Converter With Continuous Conversion Ratio 2015
73 A Cascade Point of Load DC-DC Converter with a Novel Phase Shifted Switched Capacitor Converter Output Stage 2015
74 Modeling Approaches for DC–DC Converters With Switched Capacitors 2015
75 Resonance Analysis and Soft-Switching Design of Isolated Boost Converter With Coupled Inductors for Vehicle Inverter Application 2015
76 An Adaptive ZVS Full-Bridge DC–DC Converter With Reduced Conduction Losses and Frequency Variation Range 2015
77 An Integrated High-Power-Factor Converter with ZVS Transition 2015
78 A Novel Load Adaptive ZVS Auxiliary Circuit for PWM Three-Level DC–DC Converters 2015
79 Hybrid Modulated Extended Secondary Universal Current-Fed ZVS Converter for Wide Voltage Range: Analysis, Design, and Experimental Results 2015
80 Two-Stage Power Conversion Architecture Suitable for Wide Range Input Voltage 2015
81 Naturally Clamped Zero-Current Commutated Soft-Switching Current-Fed Push–Pull DC/DC Converter: Analysis, Design, and Experimental Results 2015
82 A Soft-Switched Asymmetric Flying Capacitor Boost Converter with Synchronous Rectification 2015
83 A Nonisolated Three-Port DC–DC Converter and Three-Domain Control Method for PV-Battery Power Systems 2015
84 A Power Decoupling Method Based on Four-Switch Three-Port DC/DC/AC Converter in DC Microgrid 2015
85 Three-Port DC–DC Converter for Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems 2015
86 A Family of Multiport Buck–Boost Converters Based on DC-Link-Inductors (DLIs) 2015
87 An Isolated Three-Port Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Systems with Energy Storage 2015
88 A High Step-Down Multiple Output Converter With Wide Input Voltage Range Based on Quasi Two-Stage Architecture and Dual-Output LLC Resonant Converter 2015
89 Single-Inductor Dual-Output Buck–Boost Power Factor Correction Converter 2015
90 A Bridgeless BHB ZVS-PWM AC-AC Converter for High-Frequency Induction Heating Applications 2015
91 Novel Single-Phase PWM AC–AC Converters Solving Commutation Problem Using Switching Cell Structure and Coupled Inductor 2015
92 Soft-Switching AC-Link Three-Phase AC–AC Buck–Boost Converter 2015
93 Ultra sparse AC-Link Converters 2015
94 Discontinuous Modulation Scheme for a Differential-Mode Cuk Inverter 2015
95 A High-Efficiency MOSFET Transformerless Inverter for Nonisolated Microinverter Applications 2015
96 A Multilevel Energy Buffer and Voltage Modulator for Grid-Interfaced Microinverters 2015
97 Extended Boost Active-Switched-Capacitor/ Switched-Inductor Quasi-Z-Source Inverters 2015
98 Grid-Connected Forward Microinverter With Primary-Parallel Secondary-Series Transformer 2015
99 Minimization of the DC Component in Transformerless Three-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Inverters 2015
100 Single Inductor Dual Buck Full-Bridge Inverter 2015
101 A Single-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based on a New Basic Unit With Reduced Number of Power Switches 2015